About Jeff Tan's Tuition Centre

Jeff Tan's Tuition Centre is created to cater to every student's needs .

We are determined to impart every knowledge our tutors have to our students , so as to allow them to strive for their academic goals.

Every student in Jeff Tan's Tuition Centre is treated with care and concern .


Interesting classes and fun activities

The tutors in this tution centre are both caring and helpful. I would recommend to anyone to sign up!

- Mrs Ng, mother of Ng Say Xiang

Top In school

I studied in your centre from 2010 to 2012. I had a T-Score of 265 for the PLSE with 4 A* . I am ranked 1st in Anderson Primary School I have joined National Junior College through the DSA. This success cannot be achieved without this centre! Thanks for your tuition service and for guiding me all this while!

- Chinnadurai Thangavelu

Thank you for inspiring

Jeff Tan Tuition Centre has been an inspiration to Joel. We would like to express our gratitude to Mr Alvin Kuek for tutoring him in P6 and Mr Steven Sim for tutoring him in S1. Joel has done very well in HCI final year exams this year – he scored 10A1s. Special thanks to Mr Kuek for being an inspiration to him and for giving him practical relevant tips on excelling in his studies. Thank you!

- Mrs Foo

Value-added seminars and workshops

What we like about Jeff Tan Tuition centre are not only its academic programmes. We always look forward to its value-added seminars and workshops on various aspects of education. You need only attend one of their seminars to realise why they are always full.

- Mr and Mrs Tan, Parent of Roger Tan

Academic Programs
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